Pasta Manufacturer and Suppliers in India — Agastya Nutrifood

Core Tenets

5 Core Tenets
We Follow Passionately

A company’s greatest asset is its goodwill. Here are some of the core principles that we have followed
diligently over the years, and that have held us in good stead as a bedrock of our operations and existence.

Highest Quality Standards:
We consistently deliver the highest quality standards in terms of products offered, so that our consumers get benefited.
Cost Effective:
Our top quality products should not come as a burden on the pocket. Hence we procure the finest ingredients at the best prices and pass on the benefit to our customers.
Relationship and Reach:
We follow the policy of building and strengthening relationships not only with our consumers but also with each person involved in the supply chain, directly or indirectly. Also, practical steps are taken to widen the reach of the products in a sustained manner.
Work Environment:
The workforce is the backbone of any enterprise. Providing a conducive and safe yet challenging work environment linked with appropriate rewards and recognition is one of the key determining factors and we work on this religiously.
Environment and Ethics:
We adopt green technologies and methods at all stages, to the highest extent possible. Moreover, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unethical deeds. We believe in complete transparency among all stakeholders and malpractices have no space in the entity.